Meta Company technologies enable your home and organization to be great.

These are some of our guiding principles:

  • Usefulness

    • We live by a simple expression: “Be useful”.
      This is embodied in all of our work.
  • Ethics

    • We build all our products with a thorough consideration of the implications and consequences to our planet and humanity. Technology can be dangerous in the wrong hands, and we don’t like surprises.
  • Environment

    • Our products are designed for longevity. They reduce the environmental damage caused by specialization and obsolescence. We sustain the use of recyclable materials and clean manufacturing practices.
  • Liberty

    • We don’t want to lock you in.
      We build privacy and liberation into our products. What is yours should be controlled by you.
  • Ergonomics

    • We maintain that physical and virtual interfaces should be easier for humans to use.
  • Simplicity

    • Simplicity doesn't mean simplistic. Complexity makes things weaker and difficult.
      We believe less is more.