Consulting Services

At MetaCompany we provide services in the implementation and optimization of computer hardware, software, electronics and other technologies.

Our team of world-class engineers in multiple disciplines will take into account your entire system through the art of Systems Engineering. We are experts at creating novel designs, and provide fast turn around of prototypes and ready-to-manufacture products.

To see how we can help, contact us at [email protected] with your project information and specifications. Please include your company and/or detailed contact information. We look forward to speaking with you.

Some of our services


We create maintainable and fast software systems including mobile/web applications, servers, tooling and infrastructure.

Specifications and Ideas

We immerse in your problems and enjoy developing specifications to ensure a successful product lifecycle.


An integral step, modeling is the foundation of our design and manufacturing process.

2D to 3D Translation

We will reference your 2D documents when building 3D models, whether you have legacy drawings without CAD or simply work best by putting pen to paper.

Reverse Engineering

Our adaptable team can measure samples of your physical parts for you when generating models and other assets.

Technical Drawings

The information captured in your 3D design allows for fully defining the limits of your product’s specifications and tolerances.


We are capable of multiple modes and domains of simulation including Thermal/Electrical, FEA and CFD.

Electronics Engineering

Electronics come in many forms and we are capable of producing/handling them all; from digital to analog, from high power to portable.


Prototyping allows you to evaluate, experiment and improve. Using rapid techniques, we can help you create an early preview of your design.


Utilized for both marketing and design decisions, high quality images are generated from the 3D models. Renders are made available months before traditional product photos could be taken of a physical prototype.